Rosebush FarmRosebush Farm

Rosebush Farm, located on 20 acres in Litchfield County, Ct. has been my home for the past 4 years. This house has been featured in 2 major publications in the US, throughout Europe and Australia.

I’ve been very fortunate to have found a property that I loved, a house that I truly enjoyed renovating and ultimately, adored living in. Having spent the best part of my life buying, renovating and selling houses, I feel the restless urge to do it again.  So, having said all of that, I have put my  home on the market. 

We are attaching some photographs, many of them were used in the Connecticut Cottage and Gardens layout.  In addition, on my webpage You can see the featured story that Country Living did on the house, as well As CT&G featured story.

I relocated back to the east coast about 4 years ago and continue my love affair with the landscape and architecture of New England.  I’m hoping the next owner shares my appreciation of the property and all the beauty that surrounds it.


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